Galway Harbour Company is seeking a ten year planning permission for the development of an extension of Galway Harbour at Renmore and Townparks Townlands and on lands to be reclaimed from the foreshore and the sea in Galway Bay to the south of the existing Galway Harbour Enterprise Park.  The works will include re-development of some of the land at Galway Harbour Enterprise Park.

Access to the development will be via the existing access at the junction of Lough Atalia Road and Bóthar na Long.  The proposed development will include the relocation of the majority of the existing harbour related activities and businesses to the new deep water berths, quays, jetties and yards to be located at the harbour extension.

The proposed development is largely in an area which is designated as a candidate Special Area of Conservation [cSAC] and a Special Protection Area [SPA] and includes works on Lough Atalia Road Rail Bridge [a protected structure].

The proposed development will include:-

  • quay walls, breakwaters and wave walls to create commercial quays and a deep water docking facility, extending southwards into Galway Bay
  • dredging to create a new approach channel to the commercial quays and deep water docking facility berths
  • reclamation of approx. 27 ha from the foreshore and sea bed
  • construction of new oil and bitumen transfer pipelines, road improvements, rail link, harbour related buildings and landscaped areas

The application by Galway Harbour Company for the development is being made directly to An Bord Pleanála in accordance with Section 37E of the Planning & Development Act 2000 as amended by the Planning and Development (Strategic Infrastructure) Act 2006, the Planning & Development (Amendment) Act 2010 and the Environment [Miscellaneous Provisions] Act 2011.